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Four Corners Gin & Baseball Hat

Four Corners Gin & Baseball Hat

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Bundle a bottle of our Four Corners American Gin with a Four Corners hat ($20 value). One size fits all.
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Wild, old-growth juniper forms the backbone flavor of Four Corners. Picked in the central and eastern Oregon landscape between sagebrush and pine forest once the snow melts, we use both the purple and the green berries, and also the needles.


Found in the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, cascara sagrada translates into “sacred bark”. It must be aged for at least a year before distilling for sweet, warm flavors layered with complexity.

Yerba Santa

The sacred herb of the Mojave’s high desert chaparal starts out bitter and slowly sweetens. Its leathery, resinous leaves hold moisture inside to protect it from the intensity of the desert heat.

Wild Cherry Bark

Its reddish-brown bark, was traditionally used for its healing properties, but for us, we want its nutty sweetness.


Maine’s famous berry fit the bill perfectly to give our gin just the right touch of brightness and fresh acidity.

  • White Negroni

    White Negroni

    This riff on the classic originated in the early 2000’s and introduces light floral notes along with a touch of sweetness couple with the classic bitter backbone.

    White Negroni

    1.5 oz Four Corners Gin
    1oz Lillet Blanc
    0.5oz Suze Liqueur

    Stir ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and strain into an ice filled glass. Express lemon peel over the glass and place into the glass.

  • Gin and Tonic

    Gin and Tonic

    The quintessential Gin highball was first drank in India in the 19th Century to stave off malaria. Our delicious and classic take uses Four Corners Gin, the quintessential American Gin,...

    Gin and Tonic

    2 oz Four Corners Gin
    5 oz Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

    Pour ingredients into a tall, ice-filled glass (gin first). Express a grapefruit peel over the glass and place it in.

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